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ChanServ gives users the ability to maintain control of a channel, without the need of a bot. Channel takeovers are virtually impossible when a channel is registered with ChanServ.

Registration is a quick and painless process. Once registered, the founder can maintain complete and total control over the channel.

Please note that channels will expire after 30 days of inactivity. Channels will also expire if the channel founder's nick expires and there are no eligible channel successors.

Activity is defined as a user with one of the flags +FORforsv being in the channel. Successors are primarily those who have the +S flag set on their channel account, although other people may be chosen depending on their access level and activity.

We recommend you use the online HELP functionality to gain an understanding of what each of these commands do.

 /msg ChanServ HELP [command]
 e.g. /msg ChanServ HELP REGISTER

The following commands are available:

 AKICK           Manipulates a channel's AKICK list.
 BAN             Sets a ban on a channel.
 CLEAR           Channel removal toolkit.
 CLOSE           Closes a channel.
 COUNT           Shows number of entries in access lists.
 DEOP            Removes channel ops from a user.
 DEVOICE         Removes channel voice from a user.
*DF              Fudge-style dice generation.
 DROP            Drops a channel registration.
 FLAGS           Manipulates specific permissions on a channel.
 GETKEY          Returns the key (+k) of a channel.
 HELP            Displays contextual help information.
 INFO            Displays information on registrations.
 INVITE          Invites you to a channel.
 KICK            Removes a user from a channel.
 KICKBAN         Removes and bans a user from a channel.
*NAMEGEN         Generates some names to ponder.
*NWOD            New WOD-style dice generation.
 OP              Gives channel ops to a user.
 QUIET           Sets a quiet on a channel.
 RECOVER         Regain control of your channel.
 REGISTER        Registers a channel.
*ROLL            Rolls one or more dice.
 SET             Sets various control flags.
 STATUS          Displays your status in services.
 TAXONOMY        Displays a channel's metadata.
 TEMPLATE        Manipulates predefined sets of flags.
 TOPIC           Sets a topic on a channel.
 TOPICAPPEND     Appends a topic on a channel.
 TOPICPREPEND    Prepends a topic on a channel.
 UNBAN           Removes a ban on a channel.
 VOICE           Gives channel voice to a user.
 WHY             Explains channel access logic.
*WOD             WOD-style dice generation.

* Provided via GameServ, but available via ChanServ for convenience

ChanServ FLAGS

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These flags, set via ChanServ FLAGS can be applied to both NickServ accounts and HostMasks. These flags define what a user with them can (or cannot do) in your channel.

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FTC Cashmere Cashmere FTC Cashmere FTC SCARF SCARF CLASSIC Scarf Scarf CLASSIC Flag Description
+v SCARF CLASSIC Scarf FTC Cashmere Cashmere FTC FTC CLASSIC Cashmere Scarf SCARF Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
+V Enables automatic voicing.
+o FTC Cashmere Scarf FTC SCARF Cashmere FTC Cashmere SCARF CLASSIC CLASSIC Scarf Enables the use of the op/deop commands.
+O CLASSIC Scarf SCARF Cashmere CLASSIC Cashmere FTC FTC SCARF Cashmere Scarf FTC Scarf Scarf FTC Cashmere FTC CLASSIC SCARF Cashmere CLASSIC SCARF FTC Cashmere Enables automatic op
+s Enables the use of the SET command
+i Enables use of the INVITE and GETKEY commands.
FTC Cashmere Scarf FTC Cashmere FTC CLASSIC CLASSIC Cashmere SCARF Scarf SCARF +r Enables use of the KICK, KICKBAN, BAN and UNBAN commands.
+R Enables use of the RECOVER and CLEAR commands.
+f Enables modification of channel access lists.
+t Enables use of the TOPIC and TOPICAPPEND and TOPICPREPEND commands.
+A Enables viewing of channel access lists.
+S Marks the user as a SUCCESSOR.
+F Grants full founder access.
+b Enables automatic kickban.
+e FTC FTC CLASSIC SCARF Cashmere Scarf Cashmere Scarf SCARF FTC Cashmere CLASSIC Exempts from +b and enables unbanning self.

Getting an overview of channel flags

Use the following command to list the entire channel FLAGS list.

 /msg ChanServ FLAGS #mychannel

Check the DRESS dress BARDOT PRINTED Glamorous FLORAL Curve Maxi A7UqwZIg to determine what each flag means

Applying a TEMPLATE using FLAGS

It is also possible to use the FLAGS command to apply templates:

Cashmere Cashmere SCARF Scarf SCARF CLASSIC Scarf Cashmere FTC FTC CLASSIC FTC /msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] VOP

For a list of predefined templates, see the TEMPLATES section

Applying FLAGS to NickServ accounts

Setting flags individually per person can be quite tedious if you have to remember exactly which flags you need to apply, so be sure to check how to apply the use of TEMPLATES later on.

Setting an individual flag: This example sets flag +O which is auto-op

 /msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nickserv account] +O
e.g /msg chanserv FLAGS #foo James +O 

In this example, the mode applied BANS the matching nickserv account

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nickserv account] [flags]
e.g /msg chanserv FLAGS #foo TroubleMaker99 +b

Applying flags to a hostmask

In this example, the mode applied BANS the matching hostmask

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [hostmask] [flags]
e.g /msg chanserv FLAGS #foo nick! +b 

Applying flags to a GroupServ GROUP

SCARF Cashmere Scarf CLASSIC SCARF FTC FTC Cashmere Cashmere FTC CLASSIC Scarf In this example, the modes applied give the members of the "mychanops" group AOP equivalent permissions

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] ![group] [flags]
e.g /msg chanserv FLAGS #foo !mychanops +Ovort

Cashmere FTC CLASSIC Scarf SCARF SCARF Cashmere CLASSIC FTC FTC Scarf Cashmere Removing all ChanServ FLAGS

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick|hostmask|!group] -*

Combining FLAGS

You can combine adding and removal of various flags in one go using combined + and - operators:

/msg Chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick|hostmask|!group] -V+oO

Setting a series of flags: This example sets flags similar to those granted using the AOP template

 /msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick|host] +Ovort 

Online Help

For a much more comprehensive insight into the details, reference the online help with:

/msg chanserv HELP FLAGS


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This will list the network provided defults. Your own ones will also appear here if you get savvy enough to create your own!

/msg chanserv TEMPLATE 

Custom templates

It's possible to add your own channel templates, it is fully documented in the online help. See:

/msg chanserv HELP TEMPLATE

Applying templates to other things

It is possible to apply templates not only to NickServ accounts, but GROUPS and HOSTMASKS too.

Applying the Auto-voice template to a GROUP:

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] ![group] VOP

Applying the Auto-voice template to a HOSTMASK:

/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] nick!ident@host VOP

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FTC Scarf FTC SCARF CLASSIC FTC Cashmere SCARF Scarf Cashmere Cashmere CLASSIC SCARF Cashmere CLASSIC Scarf Scarf CLASSIC Cashmere FTC SCARF FTC FTC Cashmere ChanServ has 4 predefined network-wide available templates:

Command Result
/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] VOP 
Apply auto-voice to [nick].
/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] AOP 
Apply auto-op to [nick].
/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] SOP 
Apply auto-op and the permission to change flags to [nick].
/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] FOUNDER 
Apply channel founder permissions to [nick].
/msg chanserv FLAGS [channel] [nick] -* 
Remove all permissions from [nick].

FTC SCARF Cashmere Cashmere FTC CLASSIC FTC CLASSIC Scarf SCARF Cashmere Scarf When you feel a little more savvy and confident, you can invent your own TEMPLATES on a per-channel basis and give them custom names!

If you are looking for a means to view the channel access list, Fossil Fossil CAROLINE Wallet CAROLINE Wallet CAROLINE Fossil 640naxIWw

Online Help

For a much more comprehensive insight into the details, reference the online help with:

/msg chanserv HELP TEMPLATE
FTC CLASSIC SCARF CLASSIC Cashmere FTC Scarf FTC SCARF Cashmere Scarf Cashmere qBwwZtc5X FTC CLASSIC SCARF CLASSIC Cashmere FTC Scarf FTC SCARF Cashmere Scarf Cashmere qBwwZtc5X FTC CLASSIC SCARF CLASSIC Cashmere FTC Scarf FTC SCARF Cashmere Scarf Cashmere qBwwZtc5X
Material & care

Outer fabric material: 100% cashmere

Care instructions: Do not tumble dry, Hand wash only


Pattern: Plain

Article number: FT251G000-K12

FTC Cashmere